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Specialty Tools
Unique tools to help you work faster.

Steck Air Tool Oiler 16600 Air Tool Oiler
Keep your air tools properly oiled. Fast and easy!
Door Jammer

17000 Door Jammer
Holds car door open and firm for body shop work.

Hatch Jammer
17100 Hatch Jammer
Easily holds hatches open and secure for prep, paint, buffing and paintless dent removal!
Hatch Jammer XL 17200 Hatch Jammer XL
All the advantages of our regular Hatch Jammer, but with an extended reach of 59 inches! Also available, Xtension tube to convert your existing Hatch Jammer to an XL version.
Pull Rod Set

20000 The Original Pull Rod Set
Steck's classic pull rod set has been a staple tool for autobody repair and restorers for years.


20012 HandyBar
A high-strength, non-marring bar useful for hammering out dents, inside quarter panels, rear body lines and more!

Stud Lever 20014 StudLever
Allows the technician to quickly grip studs (pull pins) and controll the dent pulling process as well as the accuracy of the pull. Also available in a combo-package that includes the #20013 Tab-It.
20013 Tab-It 20013 Tab-It
An accessory upgrade for the Steck #20014 StudLever to pull PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) glue tabs. Also available in a combo package with the #20014 StudLever.
Seam Buster

20015 SeamBuster
Heavy-duty chisel that allows for easy separation of spot welds or bonded panels.

Right Angle SeamBuster

20016 Right Angle SeamBuster
90 degree end to easily separate hard-to-reach spot welded or bonded panels.

Super SeamBuster 20017 Super SeamBuster
Attaches to your air hammer for fast, efficient separation of quarter panels, rockers, other pinchwelds and bonded door skins.
Flange Lever 20037 Flange Lever
Quickly access hard to reach damaged frame flanges, door an hood edges, as well as radiator supports to bring back proper edge alignment.
Panel Shapers 20046 Panel Shapers Kit
An airhammer driven set of three different head shapes that allow you to quickly reshape badly deformed inner panels, body lines and floors. Fits all standard air hammers.
Fender Fixer
20055 Fender Fixer
Easily rolls fenders back into shape.
E-Z Pull Pliers
20085 E-Z Pull Pliers
For pull pins and flanges. Pulls up to 2000 lbs.
Universal Molding Release Tool
21500 Universal Molding Release Tool
The ultimate tool for cleanly releasing molding.
E-Z Strip II Molding Tool
21542 E-Z II Strip Molding Tool
Non-marring blade attaches to an air hammer to make body side molding removal quick and clean.
Antenna Wrench
21600 Antenna Wrench
Fits most antenna bezel nuts, domestic and foreign.
21650 Antenna Wrench II
Easy removal of antennas and removes difficult antennas.
21715 Retainer Clip Release Tool
Quickly remove fender flares and rocker moldings without breaking any clips.
Sure Grip Trim Clip Plier
21720 Sure Grip Trim Clip Pliers
The easy way to remove trim clips without breaking them.
21725 Right Angle Sure Grip Trim Clip Pliers
The easy way to remove trim clips in tight areas without breaking them.
Easy Pry Tool
21730 Easy Pry Tool
Non-marring pry tool for removing bezels, moldings, trim and panels easily.
Bushing Tool
21825 Bushing Tool
A specially designed tool that makes it easy to punch out door bushings and helps align bushings when reinstalling.
Door Hinge Pin Popper
21835 Door Hinge *Pin Popper*
The ultimate solution for removing door pins FAST!
E-Z Store Door Alignment Tool
21845 E-Z Store Door Alignment Tool
A door aligning tool that fits easily in your toolbox.
E-Z Rest Door Hanger
21870 E-Z Rest Door Hanger
Allows a single person to quickly remove or install vehicle doors.
Skin Zipper
21890 Skin Zipper
Skin a door in less than 10 minutes!
21892 Aluminum Skin Zipper
Designed for skinning aluminum doors.
21894 Skin Zipper 2
For skinning window flanges
21896 Aluminum Skin Zipper 2
Perfect for aluminum door window flange openings.
Door Spring Tool
21910 Car & Light Truck Door Spring Tool
Compresses spring for easy, safe removal.
21960 SPR Insertion Tool
Easily insert self-piercing rivets.
21970 SPR Extraction Tool
Easily extract self-piercing rivets.
Plugweld Pliers
23230 Plugweld Pliers
Makes plug welding fast and easy!
MIG Light
23240 MIG Light
LED attachment for MIG torches that allow you to light the area to be welded before you strike an arc.
25200 Steck MIG Torch Holder 24200 MIG Torch Holder
The Steck MIG Torch Holder easily attaches with magnets to hold your MIG torch conveniently close to your work area.
BigEasy Night Light
32933 BigEasy Night Light
Suction-cup light attaches to windshield for hands-free use of the BigEasy at night.
35000 Soft Strike Aluminum Conversion Kit
Automakers are using more and more aluminum components; using your steel tools can cause corrosion. Don't buy a new set of tools, cover your old ones!
35025 Soft Strike Hard Cap for Body Hammer
Use your steel body hammer on aluminum!
Steck Work Stand Wheeler 35756 Work Stand Wheeler
The Steck Work Stand Wheeler lets you move your loaded X-style workstand yourself!
Tool Sling
35757 Tool Sling
Tool holding cover for your portable bench.
Measure'n Stick
36000 Measure'N Stick
Magnetic measuring tape allows for hands-free measurements.
Steck Axle Popper kit 71410 Axle Popper Wedge and Shim Kit
The Steck Axle Popper breaks loose half shafts from the transaxle on front wheel drive vehicles.
71415 Axle Popper II for Air Tools
The Steck Axle Popper breaks loose half shafts from the transaxle on front wheel drive vehicles. Now available for air tools.
Tie Rod End Pliers
71465 Tie Rod End Pliers
Locking pliers provide a quick temporary steering repair for vehicles with outer tie rod end ball and socket separation.
Tie Rod Coupler
71470 Tie Rod Coupler
Temporarily secure a broken tie rod with this unique device.
Steck 4th Wheel Loader 71480 4th Wheel Loader
Easily load vehicles with damaged wheels. Use for vehicles with broken ball joints, lost wheels, locked wheels or brakes, collision damage, control arm failures and more!
Super Scraper
71510 Super Scraper
A heavy-duty plastic tool that works like a chisel, but without the damage of hard metal.




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