Skin a door in less than

10 minutes!

Steck Skin Zipperâ„¢

An air hammer driven door skinning tool that is easily affordable.

  • Skins doors in less than 10 minutes.
  • Saves arm fatigue and time.
  • Replaceable head skins at least 10 doors.


21890 Skin Zipper

21891 Skin Zipper Replacement Head

For skinning window flanges

Steck Skin Zipper 2

The perfect compliment to the original Skin Zipper, the Skin Zipper2 allows you to hem the narrow window flange with minimal arm fatigue.

  • Step One allows the technician to form the edge of the door skin to an initial 45 degree angle by holding the tool at a right angle to the door. No hammer and dolly  work required.
  • Step Two allows the technician to complete the final form by using the tool at a 45 degree angle. Two side slots are included for left and right application. When completed minimal finishing may be required on corners and body lines.


21894 Skin Zipper 2

21895 Skin Zipper 2 Replacement Head