The Steck 21650 Antenna Wrench II works independently or in conjunction with our popular original Antenna Wrench (21600).

Made in the USA, the Antenna Wrench II is laser cut from rugged steel then grit blasted and plated to give it a strong and polished finish. It measures 4 ½” x 1 ½” x .4”. Its unique design expands coverage to more vehicles, such as the removal of difficult Dodge pickup antenna due to the raised hood design.

The Antenna Wrench II works as a two, three and four notch bezel nut wrench of any diameter. Replaces the need for an antenna nut socket wrench set with one tool saving space, money and time searching for the right socket.


21650 Antenna Wrench II

21600 Original Antenna Wrench

The Antenna Wrench II being used on a Dodge truck with raised hood.