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I-Bolt Universal Tow EyeI-Bolt: Universal Tow Eye

with Safety Strap


The Steck I-Bolt: Universal Tow Eye allows towers, body shop technicians, and mechanics to safely load disabled foreign and some domestic vehicles on roll back wreckers and frame racks, without causing damage.

Vehicle manufacturers design specific tow eyes for each model car to pull the vehicle down the assembly line; it is included with the vehicle. However, each manufacturer has different diameters ranging from ½” to 1” and either right or left handed threaded ends. These tow eyes can be used by towers and technicians to assist the loading of the vehicle but are often missing from the vehicle, or inaccessible when needed.

I-Bolt Universal Tow Eye in use

I-Bolt is a 2” x 1 ½” loop connected to a 7” long steel shaft with unique gripping teeth that lock into the threaded holes on the front or rear of the vehicle.  Insert the I-Bolt into the threaded hole, ideally behind the nut or the back of the hole, engage the gripping teeth by turning the loop clockwise (while holding the knurled 1 ¾” knob) until the teeth engage behind the nut or in the threaded hole.I-Bolt Universal Tow Eye product shot

I-Bolt is able to fit threaded holes having diameters of ½” up to 1 ¼”.  This unique design provides a universal hook up solution for the 200+ vehicles identified in the Towing and Service Manual from AAA.   Also included is a 6’ x 2” polyester safety strap with a  4” looped end to wrap around the control arm or sway bar and a 3 ½” steel flat snap hook that attaches to the I-Bolt to positively secure the vehicle. The I-Bolt has been certified to pull up to 1,500 lbs. Winch the vehicle until all 4 four wheels are on the bed, and then level the bed. Continue to winch and stop 3-4 ft. short of the winch itself to avoid bending the I-Bolt and damaging the bumper. Once the vehicle is loaded, remove the I-Bolt and secure the vehicle.




  • I-Bolt is not a recovery tool, but using it in accordance with manufacturer and AAA
    loading instructions provides a safe loading process and minimizes further vehicle damage.

  • Do not use the I-Bolt for securing the load because the additional stress could damage the bumper and
    strip the threaded hole.


Labor/Material Savings:

Quicker loading of disabled vehicles with tow eye holes while preventing further damage by allowing the driver or technician to pull a vehicle on the roll back bed as well as frame racks without having to buy, lug, multiple sizes of tow hooks to match the different threaded tow eyes for each vehicle.


71490 I-Bolt



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