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Steck 35900 Panel Tree Watch the Panel Tree video

Panel Tree

An adjustable stand that takes the frustration out of painting panels, hoods, and doors. And becomes more useful by adding the optional Tailgate Holder (see below).

Steck 35900 Panel Tree

  • Panels load easily and quickly.

  • Center post design allows access to edge, bottom and both sides of the panel.

  • Paint panels, jambs, and car all at one time.

  • Save hours of dry time

  • Hold one or two panels securely

35900 Panel Tree

Tailgate Holder

(Panel Tree Accessory)

Having problems lifting, flipping, painting and waiting on tailgates? The Tailgate Holder is the perfect accessory for your panel tree. It holds tailgates to allow painting both sides at once, while painting other parts on the same panel tree.

35910 Tailgate Holder (does not include Panel Tree)





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