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Soft Strike™ Aluminum Conversion Kit

With many vehicles now using aluminum, including the new Ford 150 body, using everyday steel tools can cause galvanic corrosion on aluminum components.  Many rubber dollies are simply not heavy enough to work effectively.  Maximize your existing steel body tool investment by using Soft Strike Aluminum Covers to also work on aluminum body components.

Soft Strike Rubber Dolly Body Covers and the Soft Strike Dinging Spoon Cover are made from Buna rubber for use on a steel heel dolly or a dinging spoon.

The Soft Strike Dolly Body Cover also eliminates the problem of a rubber dolly not being heavy enough to work effectively by allowing a technician to simply add the cover to his existing steel dolly.

The Soft Strike Hammer Cover, made from vinyl, allows the quick and easy transition from using the body tools on steel to aluminum, without the worry of cross contamination and galvanic corrosion. 

Labor/Material Savings: The Soft Strike Covers eliminate the need to invest in redundant, special aluminum application tools. Allows the safe and uncomplicated conversion of existing steel tools to work on aluminum; the removable covers prevent cross contamination and galvanic corrosion.

35000 Soft Strike™ 4-Piece Aluminum Conversion Kit
(Includes #35011 Heel Dolly Face Cover, #35012 Heel Dolly End Cover, #35015 Dinging Spoon Cover, and #35020 Body Hammer Cover.)

35011 Soft Strike™ Heel Dolly Face Cover
35012 Soft Strike™ Heel Dolly End Cover
35015 Soft Strike™ Dinging Spoon Cover
35020 Soft Strike™ Body Hammer Cover


Save by buying the whole bundle!

21899 AI Door Skin and SPR Tools Bundle Pack
Bundle includes the following:
(#21892 AI Skin Zipper Door Skinner Tool, #21896 AI Skin Zipper2 Door Skinner Tool, #21960 SPR Insert Tool, #21970 SPR Extraction Tool, 3500 Soft Strike 4 Piece Aluminum Conversion Kit, #35013 Soft Strike General Purpose Dolly Cover, #35017 Soft Strike .625 Light Toe Dolly Cover, and #35025 Hard Cap Body Hammer Cover)

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